Sunday, May 18, 2014

Carbon Vector Construction 7S Fish Surfboard

CARBON VECTOR CONSTRUCTION 7S Fish Surfboard CARBON VECTOR CONSTRUCTION 7S Fish Surfboard delivers superb performance by collectively harnessing all the flex character of Epoxy combined with the strength of Carbon. So is that clear?... Carbon Vector technology allows for a stringer less construction, with high density EPS core which is then laminated with Biaxial fiberglass layer, then a distinctive Carbon fiber webbing which is positioned on the bottom, and curved up over the rails, then finished off with an Epoxy resin that also has good anti uv properties, that keep the board whiter longer. [caption id="attachment_3422" align="alignleft" width="330"]CARBON VECTOR CONSTRUCTION 7S Fish Surfboard CARBON VECTOR CONSTRUCTION 7S Fish Surfboard[/caption]


What the Carbon fiber webbing does, is to evenly spread the tension over the entire surface of the board to help produce a lively, yet controlled flex pattern with exceptional memory recall. The Biaxial fiberglass covering the deck adds to strengthen and reduce even further to prevent delamination. Carbon Vector constructed boards (CV) feel pretty dam fast are light and extremely responsive in all surfing conditions [caption id="attachment_3421" align="alignleft" width="320"]CARBON VECTOR CONSTRUCTION 7S Fish Surfboard Carbon Vector technology[/caption] CARBON VECTOR CONSTRUCTION created by GSI, compliment a range of board models and designs due for release shortly, and this construction has during testing to have proven to have superior flex properties over other board technologies by up to 20% The model mentioned here is the New 7S Fish, so all you fans of this and Fish lovers have GOT to check this range out soon at Surf Shop Peregian Beach

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