Thursday, April 24, 2014



WORLD SURFARIS-Surf Adventures

World Surfaris Will Get You There!

Just when you thought you couldn’t take your Mal to the Maldives…You
can! In jumps WORLD SURFARIS and organises it all for you. Easy as you
please, and Surf Shop Peregian Beach can point you in the right

World Surfaris-Surf Adventures offer the best spots,
like Riptides, Chickens, Sultans, and Cokes just to name a few, all
within close proximity of each other on your very own motor boat, with
luxury or budget accomodation available.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Royal Bathurst Show

surfskatenstreet | Surf Skate N Street Apparel and Hardware

The Royal Bathurst Show

Friday 02 May 2014 to Sunday 04 May 201

Held every year in Autumn at the iconic and historical Bathurst
Showground, The Royal Bathurst Show is a lively exposition of rural
life, the agricultural, horticultural and pastoral industries, a
showcase for livestock, food, wine, arts and craft and the best of the
region. Together with the best carnival rides, showbags, stunning
attractions and live entertainment.

The Royal Bathurst Show
Is regarded as the best west of Sydney and boasts an average annual attendance in excess of 20,000 and youll need to look your best from Surf Skate N Street. Surf Skate N Street is a retail store offering a vast range of seasonal surf style clothing with famous brands like Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Fox, Von Zipper, along side skate boards from…(check them out) and avast range of Street Style Fashion clothes.
The Royal Bathurst Showgirl Competition For young women aged 18-24 who want to be part of the Agricultural Show movement and have a lot of fun. Get involved in the community meet other girls and win great prizes. Entry forms available online. Contact our Showgirl Steward Vicki Wilson for more information 6332 4044 or 0409 667 026.
A video for your enjoyment