Sunday, November 24, 2013

LEG ROPES BOARDIES WAX RASH | surfshopperegian

LEG ROPES BOARDIES WAX RASH | surfshopperegian
Leg Ropes Boardies Wax Rash

In the early days we used to lose our boards on the rocks, hit an occasional surfer in the way with a loose board, and swim a lot, as we didn’t have leg ropes. Those were the days, and we apologised for any injury incurred along the way.

Then a whole bunch of guys came up with innovative ideas with some that didn’t amount to much, but out of all this a “Leg Rope” was born.
This Leg Rope stopped your board from going onto the rocks…yeeeewwww!
This Leg Rope stopped the swim to the beach…yeeeewwww!
This Leg Rope allowed the frequency of waves surfed in one session instantly double…yeeeewwww!
Most of all, the Leg Rope stopped the board from hitting a lot of other people.
The only down side was that they had “Bungie” style elasticity at the time, and you had to be aware that they really did twang back at you superfast, and whack you in the face…not a good look. But we soon got the hang of the twang, and used them religiously. Leg Ropes didn’t take long to evolve into a use full surfing necessity.
This brings me again to the “Modern Retro Surfer” and the attitude towards “Leg Ropes” today (I will add here, If you are within a small group of like minded, and away from others you may be the exception)
If you are surfing within a crowd, with all levels of other surfers, on a busy day for example, First Point on any lazy Sunday in Summer, I don’t think it is “Cool” to surf any board, especially the likes of a Mal, with out a “Leg Rope“