Friday, September 20, 2013

Retro Surfboard – Michael Peterson | SURF SHOP

– Delicious
Retro Surfboard - Michael Peterson original Joe Larkin shape made for Michael crossed my hands the other day and nearly stuck to my hands like superglue.
[caption id="attachment_3099" align="alignleft" width="612"]Retro Surfboard - Michael Peterson Joe Larkin for Michael Peterson[/caption]
Avid collector and Surfboard Tragic Darryl Homan was kind enough to show me through his collection of real Retro boards and he left this one to last. It actually is on loan to him from Carl Turner of Finch Swimwear fame.
This little gem of a board is in better condition than the photo shows (that's me stuck to it) and it has Michaels name on the bottom clear as day. This is the one he features in the iconic movie "Morning of the Earth" by film maker legend Albert (Alby) Falzon and if your good at stop frame on your DVD player, you will see the Joe Larkin sticker across the bottom making it easy to verify. By the way Joe Larkin was Queenslands first board manufacturer starting out in 1959/60 and cruising into the forever legend time. His biggest fan was Michael Peterson.

Retro Surfboard - Michael Peterson

For the nostalgic Retro sufferers I've included a couple of "Morning of the Earth" clips and a photo of the "original Michael Peterson" (above) surfboard use through out the film.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Surf Shop Peregian Beach Summer 2013 TV Commercial

Surf Shop Peregian Beach Summer 2013 TV Commercial is an upbeat Summer 2013 TV commercial for Surf Shop Peregian Beach listing Boardies, Bikinis, Surf Hardware, Rashies and Surfboards all set to a funky little vibe.