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MAGIC MUSHROOM - Aloha Surfboards

Magic Mushroom - Aloha Surfboards

Magic Mushroom by Aloha Surfboards was the surfboard of choice just over one year ago. Stevo chose this board as part of his quiver primarily because this board got a good review, and it would suit a surfing trip to the Maldives to film at the Four Seasons Maldives Champions Trophy at the end of August beginning Sept. Magic Mushroom Stevo from Sunnycoast Klips talks about his choice of the Magic Mushroom, "It's a tad wider than a basic short board, that allows you to shorten your turn, surf tight, smack it round, and lets you generate speed on demand what you might need in nearly all surfing conditions". "This Magic Mushroom little board has seen the test of time and has with stood the vigorous use it gets on a daily basis. The deck doesn't look like some other boards that get a real pasting after one days use. This Mushie is in real new condition, and I attribute that to it's great glass job" said Stevo. Jamie willems of Global Surf Industry says:- "The extra width through the centre profile, and bottom contours are similar to that of a high performance short board. The hip positioned just forward of the fins, reduces the tail width to maintain the rail-to-rail sensitivity and response, of a much narrower board". magic mushroom

Magic Mushroom - Construction

Available in SLX Epoxy with Bi-Axial layered up glass construction, is essentially two separate layers of flat fibers woven together. The faint lines you see running from nose-to-tail on the decks of the boards is the stitching that holds these two layers together. The fibers in Biaxial Fiberglass are oriented at 45 degrees, compared to traditional fiberglass weave that’s oriented at 90 degrees". Questions, more questions. Evert from Surf-Shop Peregian asks "What are the advantages if using Biaxial Fiberglass"? Jamie Willems says, "The increased surface area of the flat fibers in Biaxial Fiberglass gives a stronger deck, and less chance of de-lamination from foot pressure. Round fiber glass can't match flat fiber glass adhesion". Mushy Toughie There for, it goes without saying that the Magic Mushroom by Aloha Surfboards GSI, is one tough little Mushy, ideal for anyone looking to maximize their performance and enjoyment as the photos of Stevo having fun depict. You can surf the Magic Mushroom a few inches shorter than your regular short board, but hey, flotation is everything in catching more waves. Get the Magic Mushroom advantage, by clicking the link for more information...go do it! You know you want to! Stevo:) Sunnycoast Klips, JC Underground, West Surfing, Surf-Shop Peregian Beach (Aloha), Sticky Johnson,

Friday, May 10, 2013


How to Attach a Surfboard Leash.
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