Friday, September 11, 2015

Surfboards on Planes

Surfboards on Planes

Just a couple of weeks ago, a holiday maker from Tassie bought a
McTavish Sumo 6’6″, as the beachies around Peregian were pumping at the
time. He also had the idea of having a great surf here, and then taking
his board back to Tassie with him. This is not unusual as a lot of
travellers do end up taking their boards back home with them.

Jetstar shoots itself in the foot again by its restrictions!


Virgin Australia Size and Weight Restrictions (nearly arn’t any)

Travelling with a Surfboard

Oversized baggage can be checked in, provided each item does not exceed 32kg in weight.
Items heavier than 32kg must be shipped as Freight. So that early 60’s
9’6″ Balsa logger with multiple Redwood stringers, nose and tail block,
with parquet timber set in fin, might just be over weight…LOL