Monday, August 25, 2014

Leg Ropes

Leg Ropes
Leg Ropes
Leg Ropes way back when the Leg Ropes invention…was born out of necessity, it was regarded as an instrument for kooks, and was labeled the “Kook Cord’. It would be fair to say that it was a really dangerous addition, as it was made of all sorts of “rope” bits and suction caps, dubious rubber cording, with a bit of imagination thrown in.
What surfaced quickly, seemed to catch on for the Kooks (every one wanted one) was a surgical cord of dubious dimension tied off at one end by a bit of rope, and then tied to a hole drilled through the fin,(as plugs at this point of time didn't exist) and then tied off around your ankle one way or another. Some times the cord was tied so tightly around the ankle, it could squeeze the blood out of your toes.
The thing with these Leg Ropes was that they were really quite dangerous, and early users were caught out by boards careering back at them at high speed, smacking the user in the head, or even worse, poking an eye out. Enter Jack O Neil, iconic Wetsuit inventor and new eye patch wearer.
[caption id="attachment_3504" align="alignleft" width="600"]Jack-O-Neill Leg Ropes Jack-O-Neill Wetsuit and Leg Ropes Guru and all round Waterman

How to attach Leg Ropes to all boards[/caption]
We all know where the Leg Ropes are in the surfing industry now and that’s a given, but having said that,...