Monday, November 14, 2016

world ventures scam - Google Search

world ventures scam - Google Search
World Ventures-Dream Trips
I read the message re your friend that this didn't work for. I completely understand your reservations. As you could see in our presentations, we never pressure anyone. We are looking for people who are looking for us
When I was first shown this, I thought it was too good to be true too. A quick way to get rid of my business and start some thing that will involve my friends, and family.
As it happens, I had my business on the market but I started doing this part time any way. My business sold in August and am doing this full time now, but when it suits me…I’m no longer a slave to my business.
The travel got me interested firstly, so to invite my like minded friends was exciting, and not let them know of the benefits of the business at the same time, was not an option.
Having said that, there are a lot of people signing up for the Dream Trips Travel side of things only. They are just seeing the business option side as they progress, and later on, if it is right for them, they join the business.
I also looked at the web sites, that blast this whole Travel concept, calling it a scam and a Pyramid scheme, which incidentally is illegal in Australia.
World Ventures is a PTY LTD Company with 14 lawyers and a Barrister in our ranks. We are a “referral holiday club.” This is a fully sanctioned business, passed all the legal scrutiny and registered in Australia and 29 other countries around the world, (N.Z. and China coming aboard) Every one can make it big, every one is the CEO in this business.
There are always detractors in every industry, especially when one new one, is disrupting the established ones. Uber on Taxis. Cost Co on Retail, etc
Thats what Dream Trips is doing to the Travel Industry. With a start up price of not much more than $520.00 Aus. (Gold or $750 Platinum) where can you get a business for that, with World Travel benefits?
The detractors, we found, were simply disgruntled people, who didn’t want to do the work that is involved with running a business like this in the first place. This was never a get rich quick scheme, though having said that a lot of people are making a shit load of money, but those ones are treating this as a business, and seriously working at it.
Any one can do this at their own pace.
Do you mind if I ask you a couple of really direct questions?
Firstly, in business and in life do you usually let people who have failed at something influence your thinking so much?
Second question; Does google have a crystal ball, because we are sharing a vision, and building for the future. What's your vision?