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Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko kelly

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Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko Kelly
Quiksilver Roxy Pro at Snapper was a gas on that Tuesday 4th, that saw all the Girls in action, and what a surf turned on for them.
The girls ripped it up, Carissa Moore was off the planet!

Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko Kelly

The Guys must have been spewing because the surf was pumpin', with some sets showing long barrels, with average size being over head and a half.
[caption id="attachment_3319" align="alignleft" width="843"]MF behind the rock Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko Kelly MF behind the rock.
Sunnycoast Klips[/caption]
The guys got in the water as soon as the event was over for a bit of free time, with Mick putting on the hard face. He needed to, because he was sharing the line up with two hundred people in a fifty metre take off area along with Parko and Kelly. Mick got the biggest barrel and totally smoked about twenty guys in the line up. Never seen so many guys panic all at the same time to get out of the way. Apparently when these guys put on their surfing face, it's written all over them "look out" take no prisoners. They just surf like no one's there!
Mick Parko and Kelly were doing their thing…Rippin'it to shreds!
It was tough for all these guys, as every one was clambering just to be in the surf with all three World Champions at once.
Just another day on the world tour for three great champions Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko Kelly

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