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WAVE POOL - Ipswich

WAVE POOL - Ipswich

WAVE POOL – Ipswich
WAVE POOL’s are becoming more popular through out the world as major tourist attractions. They also attract serious surfers for a bit of R&R away from the surfing madding crowds.
WAVE POOL’s are these days big business. Not suprising then that one Company has the name of KELLY SLATER involved, and is sure to draw world wide attention, and deservedly so.
The City of Ipswich is locked in a race to get the first WAVE POOL for Surfing with of all places, the GOLD COAST.
The Dubai of Ipswich?

Ipswich is 100km west of Brisbane and about that far from any Surfing beach you could name, but that’s the reason for it, to be first with a purpose built WAVE POOL for Surfing.
The project would be privately funded with backers already lining up to go, and that includes KELLY SLATER’s own company, the KS WAVE COMPANY.
“This could be reality within a couple of years as the technology and backing is there, but it is just about getting the details right” a spokes person for KS said.
World Patents
WAVE POOL’s already exist in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia all generating set after set of seriously good waves for experienced Surfers chasing that ultimate wave these pools provide.
Councillor Pisasale Mayor of Ipswich Shire said “Ipswich had a compelling case for wave pool attraction. Ipshwich would be perfect as we have the climate, we’re close to the State Capital and a fantastic tourist attraction for Ipswich”.
IPSWICH the new DUBAI of the west!
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