Friday, May 27, 2011

JW-1 Julian Wilson FCS Fins

-1 Julian Wilson FCS Fins
FCS Fin Control Systems
FCS wanted Julian to come up with some thing quite simple and the K2.1 was the starting point to get the fin Julian and FCS finally come up with being the JW-1 “These fins help with release off the top a lot easier” says Julian. The base in these fins are sturdier and offer flex in the tip. “These fins can be used from one foot, up to six foot ” Julian adds.

JW-1 Julian Wilson FCS Fins

If you can do it, these fins can do it.

FCS adds that, Performance Glass material characteristics and the flex pattern, are identical to traditional fibreglass fins, but offering a stiff base, with subtle responsive tip flex.
FCS and Julian agree, that the JW-1 have amazing aesthetics and proven durability and they even look sick.
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Julian Wilson Signature Fin – JW-1 from FCS on Vimeo.

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