Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SURFBOARDS and Accessories

SURFBOARDS and Accessories
To answer a question about Funboards from Brandon;
Hi Brandon
Yes we do sell Funboards. They are NSP brand and you can order them through me online, just click here
www.surf-shop.org and it will take you to my web site. Click on the Global Surf Industries
link in the right hand Contents column, navigate the site and if you want to purchase online, just type in
"4573" in the Post Code prompt and the purchase is credited to us for the referral.
Conversely, our prices in the shop are exactly the same as online and when you are ready you can order
through us for direct delivery or a pick up at the shop.
Mind you, if you pick up from the shop you get our friendly service coupled with some bonuses.
Brandon, the prices for Funboards range from $575 for 6'8" to $655 for 7'10" and the price varies a little
with the sizes in-between.
Hope that has been a help
Peregian beach

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  1. View more Surfboard models and surf Hardware at the Surf-Shop link in the above post...go on do it!